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An Evening With Sam-Daley Harris, Podcast Included

I recently had the honor of chairing an event – on behalf of the The Chiapas Project Junior Committee– for one of my heroes; Sam Daley-Harris. 

In such a short period of time, I learned so much from a remarkable man who truly embodies the power of one. In order to capture this special moment, Dallas Social Venture Partners sponsored an exclusive 18-minute podcast for Mr. Daley-Harris with myself as guest host. Now you can see for yourself why this man received a standing ovation that night in Dallas, Texas. 

Today, you have the opportunity to hear his words and learn as I did: 
Click here for the direct link to the podcast and here for the landing page

At one point, he made his personal life’s work to make Muhammad Yunus and his work known, drafting Nobel Prize proposals year after year as one example. ” You did it,” Prof. Yunus exclaimed to Mr. Daley-Harris moments after the 2006 Prize news was released. 

Together, they led a microcredit summit campaign to reach 100 million of the world’s poor in 2007; an audacious declaration at a time when only 8 million poor were served in 1997. That’s a growth rate of 1300 percent in 10 years. 

In our conversation we talk about playing an active role to influence governmental policy around fundamental issues– political affiliation aside. We talk about a world without poverty and what it takes to change today’s daunting statistics. 

This man, whose supporters range from the Queen of Spain to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is living and leading like-minded individuals around the world to achieve these ends. And it all starts with understanding the power of one; the power in YOU! 

Written by Brian R. Weinberg